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We enjoy teaching business owners how to leverage 
online marketing strategies that position them as an expert in 
their field so they can accelerate their growth. Why we do what 
we do? Because we enjoy seeing that "a ha" moment when a business 
owner understands both the power of online marketing strategies and
 how to use them.   



Andre is the founder and head writer for copywriter's H.Q./ Writing 
Services and Resource Center @
where he offers a variety of writing and research services including 
article composition tips, ghostwriting, editing, proof-reading, article
research, and transcription. He is a published author, writing under 
the penname: "Tranquilpen"  specializing in non-fiction, business, 
food, and education-related writing in South Africa.
His work has appeared in "", "", "Ezine Articles",
"", and several other websites. He teaches 
online writing and public speaking techniques.  To get original, 
exclusive articles and content for your newsletters, blog or website, 
contact him for a no-obligation quote and current rates. For free 
information on the five-week online course "Develop Your Expert 
Niche and Get Published on the Web"
 e-mail your
request to:


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and of high quality, no representation or
warranties of any kind are made with regard to the completeness or 
accuracy of the contents of this publication. The author is not
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professional person if advice or assistance is required. The publisher,

author disclaims any personal loss or liability caused or
alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the utilization of 
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"Copywriter'sH.Q." is copyright 2011 Tranquilpen

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611 Main Road, Durban 4093
South Africa

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